Monday, February 3, 2014

Tuesday, How are you today?  I went to bed early last night and got some much needed sleep.  Feel rested up today.  Suppose to snow 3-5 inches of snow again starting tonight.  I am so over this snow!!  Enough already.  With all this snow I bet we get some beautiful flowers and grass this spring!!

Almost done with the cowl I am making.  Want to get it listed and sold.  Here is a picture of a sale I will have.
20% off!!  Go to my store and convo (email) me to tell me you would like to purchase and Ill put up a listing for you!!  Also, when you visit my shop could you please click like for my facebook.  Thank you.

Do you like to knit and crochet?  Do you know how?  It is so easy and relaxing.  If interested I will put some instructions on here to show you how!  Just let me know.

Have a fantasti day!!

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