Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monday, Feb 3

Monday, Happy Monday.  The day after the superbowl.  Hope your team won.  We went to a friends house.  We had squares.  Other than that not interested.  Not a sports fan.  Stuck with my diet.  Today is weigh in day.  I was doing so well and then had some emotional stuff started and Im a emotional eater.  So you know what happened.  So back to the beginning. 

Ground hog saw his shadow so winter isnt overwith.  Great.  We are making up for years past with hardly any snow.  Least in the spring the flowers and grass will be green.  We just have to get it here.

Working on a cowl.  Love the color.  Lumincello.  Dull lemon color.

Here is my special for today.  If you like it convo (email) me at my etsy store ( and I will give you 20% off with free shipping!

Not a very good picture.  This is pre editting for my shop.

Feel free to ask any questions!  Have a great day!

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