Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My first day in Blogging

Hi, today is my first post on a blog.  What am I going to say or want to say?  What are you supposed to say on a blog.  Well, I guess on the first day you should say who you are and why you are doing a blog.  My name is Cheryl and my favorite thing in this world to do is knit and crochet.  I first learned how to crochet from my grandmother when I was little.  She got tired of finding her crochet items all messed up by me.  So she gave me a ball of yarn and a needle and showed me.  She was the best crocheter I have seen.  She would look at something and crochet it up.  Me, I need a pattern.  My moms friend taught me to knit.  Just the basic.  I taught myself the rest of the knitting stitches.  I love to do both. 

A bit of history of myself.  I am 56 years old.  I am married to my best friend.  We have been married for 13 years.  I have a household of animals.  2 standard poodles, 2 cockatiels, 1 tortoise, 2 bearded dragons, a hermit crab and about 15 giant kois fish.  I told you I had a housefull!!

I also have a little shop I started on Etsy.  Go and visit if you like. I am always knitting or crocheting something.

So, I guess this is it for now.  If there is anything I can help you with please feel free to let me know.  This is a exciting experience for me in blogging.  Not sure how this works but will figure it out!!

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